In a little village on the banks of the Unicorn River, life is peaceful and happy, but a village without crime is no place for Mara Payne, intrepid guard of the night watch! Now she's on her way to the grand city of Acco with a saddlebag full of justice. Her quest for nefarious crimes to fight and dastardly skulls to bash will take her into the darkest heart of a city full of corruption and conspiracies. But the gruesome murders she uncovers are nothing like the stories Mara read of as a little girl, and they may be more than even she can beat down with her two fists of righteousness...


Mara Payne

No ruffian is too rough, no scalawag too slippery for the hero of our story. Mara Payne prowls the dark alleys for truth, justice and the Unicorn way!  But her brand of furious law enforcement is too much for her sleepy village, so she’s taking the fight to Acco, gleaming city of the south.


Top student at the wizard’s academy, lover to women of every color, creed and species, and bold entrepreneur, Jacop is way cooler than our other hero.  Just look at that face.  Would he lie to you?




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