When will "The Pepperchronicles" be available on paper, as a printed book?

The German edition is already available (Anna-Maria has some contacts in Germany. This is why the German edition was published first). It is available HERE and on Amazon.

The English edition is done as well - we are in the process of contacting publishers for it.

How did this idea start and how do you work as a team?

Anna-Maria always dreamed about telling the story of a kick ass female lead in a sort of oriental fantasy world. Since publishing her last graphic novel “Xoth” in 2007, she was planning to do another, longer one – plus, it had to be epic! She contacted a friend and artist she trusted, Rebekie, and asked her if she was interested in doing the inks for the project (Anna-Maria is not a huge fan of inking). They started talking to Daniel for some advice on story structure, and after that ballooned into four hours, they asked him to just help them write the bloody thing. They grew to be a well-operating team, unless sometimes Anna-Maria has to kick their butts – she is a ruthless boss!

Why “The Pepper Chronicles”?

“The Glowing Monkey Butt” was an option too, but since monkey butts are only a small part of the story we decided otherwise. Also, Anna-Maria says, “Stop asking and read the comic when it comes out!” :-D

Where will you get the comic published/is kickstarter an option?

As we are nearly done with the actual book, we are seeking interested publishers based in the US for the English edition. We considered Kickstarter, but as artists busy making enough money to pay rent, we don’t have the resources to properly devote to marketing, managing orders, printing, and shipping the book. We’d rather focus on giving readers awesome characters in a crazy world of adventure.

How do you guys work on this besides real, paid jobs?

That is why it will take us a while to finish it. We have to make real money, not just imaginary money made of passion and love for the project.  Any wealthy but impatient patrons should contact us at the e-mail addresses below.

Are the artists available for hire/commissions?

Speaking for myself (I am Anna-Maria) I am available depending on my time table and current job situation. [contact]

Rebekie would also like your earth monies. [contact]

Daniel is a complete mercenary, and takes plenty of editing and write-for-hire gigs.  Mostly from African dictators.  Unless you are investigating him for war crimes, contact him here.[contact]

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